New Peacock Bass Edit Available!

Since most of us are stranded in our homes right now we thought it might be a good time to put a smile on your face. This video is from a recent trip we took to Colombia fishing for Peacock Bass. Enjoy!

Great news, we have extended our buy any built rod get a free fly line of your choice until Sunday April 5th! Simply add a fly rod and line to your shopping cart and it will show up as free.

We fished rods from 6 weight all the way up to 10 weights. The Liger was probably the best fit for these guys, but the Zenglass series performed really well. When you are casting large streamers you need large lines to propel them through the air. The streamer line is fantastic as it provides a little sink to the streamer. For top water the Ripple line was amazing to keep poppers floating on the surface.

Getting spooled is not ideal, but it did happen. Some of those fish are so big, there is nothing you can do to stop them. You might also like to check out our fly line backing. Don't stress it when you see the last of your fly line leave your reel.